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Keep your bases covered all through the season.

Your soybean’s growth is marked by four distinct periods, and each one helps protect and build stronger soybean plants. Discover best-in-class solutions for every stage of your operation.

Application Timing.

Be sure to consult your BASF retailer before you apply.


Nodulator PRO

This professionally applied Biostacked® system provides the nitrogen-fixing rhizobium of Nodulator® PRO plus the biofungicide activity of Integral, for suppression of seedling diseases caused by Rhizoctonia and Fusarium spp.1 Benefit from low application volumes, 60 days of on-seed survivability and application convenience.

1 The biological fungicide activity of Integral is a PMRA registered label claim in Canada.

Nodulator N/T LQ

Applied on-seed or in-furrow, this easy-to-use liquid formulation is Biostacked with a highly efficient strain of Bradyrhizobium japonicum and Bacillus subtilis to enhance the performance of your soybeans. The result is greater nodule mass, faster canopy closure and greater vigour. Benefit from up to 30 days of on-seed survivability.

Nodulator N/T Self-adhering Peat

Applied on-seed, this self-adhering peat formulation2 is Biostacked with a highly efficient strain of B. japonicum and B. amyloliquefaciens to enhance the performance of your soybeans. The result is greater nodule mass, faster canopy closure and greater vigour. Benefit from 24 hours of on-seed survivability.

2 Nodulator N/T Self-adhering peat is approved and supported for organic production.


Eragon LQ (pre-harvest)

Applied pre-harvest, Eragon® LQ delivers fast, complete crop and broadleaf-weed dry down for improved harvestability, better storability and cleaner fields next season.


Uses Group 14 and Group 2 chemistries for rapid burndown and residual control of tough broadleaf weeds, including Canada fleabane, ragweed, pigweed and resistant biotypes.

Conquest LQ

Uses Group 5 and Group 2 chemistries to target a wide range of tough broadleaf weeds, including nightshade, velvetleaf and triazine-resistant biotypes. Benefit from its application rate flexibility.

Prowl H2O

Provides early-season control and residual activity on annual grasses and select broadleaf weeds, including lamb’s quarters and redroot pigweed. Even works on lighter soil types.

Frontier Max

Delivers season-long control with residual activity on annual grasses and select broadleaf weeds, including redroot pigweed, Eastern black nightshade and resistant biotypes.

Clean Sweep

Provides effective, post-emergent control of emerged broadleaf weeds and grasses on contact. Take advantage of its residual activity for lasting control through the critical period for weed control.



By combining the unique mobility of Xemium® with the proven benefits1 of AgCelence®, Priaxor® fungicide delivers more consistent and continuous control of early season diseases, such as frog eye leaf spot and septoria brown spot, along with suppression of white mold. The result is a larger, stronger plant with greater yield potential.2

1AgCelence benefits refer to products that contain the active ingredient pyraclostrobin.

2 All comparisons are to untreated, unless otherwise stated.


By combining two leading active ingredients that target white mold, Cotegra® fungicide delivers best-in-class performance to help preserve yield potential and maximize returns. It’s also designed to protect soybeans from key foliar diseases, including septoria brown spot. Benefit from its convenient liquid formulation.

Insecticides and Miticides


Powered by Inscalis, Sefina is a fast-acting, long-lasting insecticide that limits aphids feeding and virus transmission. It also delivers a unique mode of action that controls populations that may have developed resistance to other insecticides.

Treated right, there’s no telling how far your soybeans can go.

Canada produced 6.23 million tonnes of soybeans in 2015 – and 75% came from Eastern Canada alone. Now with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® technology on the market, soybeans are poised for even higher yields. Learn how to maximize your earning potential at every stage of production.

Through our BASF Ag Product Assurance program, we support customers who have applied our products according to label recommendations and did not receive reasonable product performance. For details, contact your local BASF representative or call BASF Ag Solutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).

Get the most out of every dollar with the BASF Ag Rewards program. To participate, purchase the minimum number of acres required along with two or more qualifying BASF products. Click on the rewards calculator to see your potential rebate and to learn more about the program.