Because the best peas make it across the globe.

With Canada accounting for 32% of the world’s production,1 peas are in high demand worldwide. To help maximize their quality and yield, learn about key challenges and solutions at every stage of your production.

1Pulse Canada, 2010.

Crop Establishment

Challenging spring conditions can slow down germination and favour disease development. Giving peas the best start involves managing tough seed and seedling diseases along with choosing the right strain of inoculant.

Weed Management

Keeping fields clean during the critical period for weed control is essential for maximizing yield potential. And choosing the right products with multiple modes of action is essential to delaying the onset of herbicide resistance.

Disease Management

Peas can be highly susceptible to disease during flowering. A well-timed, preventative strategy can help you manage key diseases, including mycosphaerella and sclerotinia for increased yield potential.

Harvest Management

A well-timed pre-harvest application can help speed up your crop and weed dry down, increase field uniformity and make for a faster and easier harvest.

Because there’s potential to maximize yield at every stage.

Maximizing your pea’s yield potential isn’t limited to one part of the season. That’s why BASF offers an innovative portfolio that takes you from seeding to harvest.