Expect more from your crops.
And achieve more with our innovative solutions.

BASF is dedicated to providing solutions for the obstacles growers face at every stage of development. It all starts with the four key periods of production – crop establishment, weed management, disease management and harvest management – and discovering how to deal with of the agronomic challenges you face at each of them.

Crop Establishment

You can’t control what’s in the soil, but you can control what goes on your seed. Learn how different varieties, seed treatments and inoculants can help you achieve success from the get-go.

Weed Management

Weeds are fierce competitors for resources so it’s essential to make sure your crops come out on top. Discover the necessary solutions for keeping your fields clean all season long.

Disease Management

Stop disease before it gets started. Learn how to identify and scout for signs of disease in the field and discover management approaches that can help protect your investment.

Harvest Management

Looking to save time at harvest? Applied at the right stage, a pre-harvest herbicide can speed up burndown while improving field uniformity, all for better harvest efficiency.

Canola is Canada’s agricultural success story.
Make it yours.

Maximizing your canola production comes down to your pre-season and in-season decisions, and every one is an opportunity for higher yields.

It’s more than just tradition.

Explore our innovative portfolio of cereal solutions and see how you can achieve bigger yields and better quality with steps taken all season long.

The future of pulse innovation is here.

Learn more about major pulse production challenges and explore best-in-class solutions for every stage of your operation.

Treated right, there’s no telling how far your soybeans can go.

Soybeans aren’t traditionally grown in the Prairies, but new, early-maturing varieties have led to a steep rise in interest. And BASF has solutions designed to maximize yield every step of the way.

Your corn's got potential. It’s time to realize it.

Realizing your corn’s potential doesn’t depend on genetics alone. Combine genetics with innovative solutions to help you tackle weeds and disease throughout the season.