Growing the best lentils is matter of global importance.

Canada accounts for 39% of the world’s lentil production1 and global demand for this high-commodity crop won’t be slowing down anytime soon. To maximize your crop quality and yield, learn how you can tackle key challenges at every stage of your production.

1 Pulse Canada, 2010.

Crop Establishment

Lentil yield is established early on. For the best start possible, choose varieties suitable for your region, manage seed and seedling diseases and select the right strain of inoculant.

Weed Management

Weeds can severely affect yield during the critical period for weed control. It’s important to keep fields clean with multiple modes of action, for better performance and delaying herbicide resistance.

Disease Management

Lentils are highly susceptible to disease. With disease pressure on the rise, a well-timed preventative fungicide program can help you manage key diseases including anthracnose, ascochyta and sclerotinia.

Harvest Management

A pre-harvest application can help speed up your dry down, increase field uniformity and make for a faster, easier harvest. The challenge is getting the application timed right.

Why lose yield at one stage? Maximize it at every stage.

From crop establishment to harvest management, our innovative pulse portfolio helps maximize your lentil yield at every stage.

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