Great lentils start from great beginnings.

Whether it’s preventative protection from seed and seedling diseases, choosing the right strain of inoculant or even selecting the right variety, making these decisions at the start of the season goes a long way.

How to beat those spring-time ailments.

Early seeding exposes pulses to the cold, damp conditions of spring. Cold temperatures mean slower growth, while damp conditions are perfect for seed and seedling disease development.

Is your inoculant “the one”?

The best inoculants are specific to their host crop. In other words, the best results come from the strains specific to your lentils.

What to look for in a lentil variety.

When it comes to selecting lentil varieties, there are increasingly more agronomic traits to choose from. But which ones are best for your climate and soil zone?

Just starting out? We can help.

Give your lentils the head start they deserve. Establish your crop’s yield and quality early on with the best in seed treatments and inoculants from BASF.