The best way to approach disease? Sidestep it.

Corn is susceptible to a number of diseases that can impact yield and quality, such as northern leaf blight, common rust and eye spot. Combined with the right environmental conditions, a shift towards reduced tillage practices and diseases beginning to overcome the genetic tolerance of today’s corn hybrids, preventative disease control is more important than ever.

Getting in shape to fend off disease.

The key to effective disease management? Prevention. But other than the pathogen itself, crop health is another important factor in the crop’s ability to fend off disease. That’s why some fungicides increase growth efficiency and help better manage environmental stress.

Keep an eye on those ears.

Ear rots caused by gibberella and fusarium are some of the most destructive diseases in corn. A preventative fungicide can play a key role in preserving quality – but only if it’s applied at the right time.

Put disease in its place.

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