Nothing ventured? Diseases gained.

Humid weather conditions, tightened crop rotations and reduce tillage – these are just some of the reasons why disease pressure has been on the rise in cereals. The key managing disease is taking an integrated approach and applying preventative protection when it counts most.

  • Fungicide Timing
  • Seed Treatment vs Foliar Fungicide
  • Fusarium Head Blight, Fusarium Damaged Kernel and DON

Disease Management – Choose Your Own Adventure.

Every season is a different story—some parts of the story you can control; other parts you can’t. See how you can take control of disease in cereals with our interactive Choose Your Own Adventure game.

ROI calculator.

The value of a fungicide application isn't the same in every field. See what a fungicide application can do for your bottom line with our handy ROI calculator.

Why the fuss around flag leaf.

When the majority of your crop’s yield is built by the last few leaves, protecting them against disease should be your top priority. But when is the best time to apply your foliar fungicide?

Get a head start on fusarium.

Reaching record highs in 2016, fusarium head blight was one of the main reasons for downgraded cereals last season. With disease pressure on the rise, a well-timed preventative approach is critical to protecting your cereal’s grade.

Don’t let disease take its toll.

Looking for innovative and effective protection against disease? Check out our cereal fungicide offerings designed to maximize your crops’ yield and quality.