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Canola is Canada’s agricultural success story. Make it yours.

Maximizing your canola production comes down to your pre-season and in-season decisions, and every one is an opportunity for higher yields. Discover how you can tackle leading production challenges at every stage of your canola crop, and turn Canada’s leading oilseed into high-yielding returns.

Crop Establishment

Growing the right variety is the first step to setting up your crop for success. To tackle your field’s needs, choose varieties with suitable traits, including blackleg resistance, herbicide tolerance, pod-shatter resistance, maturity and more.

Weed Management

Weeds present during the early stages of canola development have a substantial impact on yield. That’s why effective control of flushing weeds and canola volunteers is critical.

Disease Management

With high incidences of blackleg and sclerotinia in 2016, they should be on your mind this season. And with tightened rotations, favourable weather conditions and shifts in pathogen populations, proactive prevention is key to effective management.

Harvest Management

Straight cutting canola offers a number of benefits, including greater harvest efficiency, reduced costs, and the potential for higher quality seeds and yields. The key to achieving the best results? Using a well-timed pre-harvest application.

Because yield isn’t built in a day.

Maximizing your canola’s yield potential isn’t limited to one part of the season – it spans from seeding to harvest. See how our innovative portfolio can help maximize your crop’s yield potential throughout the season.

Canola Solutions Guide

Filled with agronomic information and innovative solutions, it's your must-have guide for growing canola this season.

Double the innovation. And the savings.

Purchase a minimum of 320 acres of the qualifying BASF fungicides and receive a $1 rebate for every matching acre of Heat LQ herbicide. With six fungicide options included in the rebate, you can choose innovative solutions that work best for your operation.

Agricultural Product Guide

Explore what BASF has to offer throughout the season, complete with application rates and timing.

The BASF Grow For It Offer

At BASF, we’re committed to providing our customers with the most advanced agronomic solutions and as part of our continuing goal to help increase growers’ profitability, we’re introducing an incredible offer. Save 10% on your purchase of 320 acres of Cotegra fungicide and/or Lance® fungicide and 320 acres of Caramba® fungicide or qualify with a minimum 640 acre purchase of either sclerotinia management or FHB management solutions.