Resources are finite. Competition is not.

Weeds are competitive by nature, taking away water, nutrients and sunlight that your crop needs. And with stacked-trait canola volunteers in the fields, early weed management is more important than ever.

Enhanced Cleaver Control

Managing weeds is essential to maximizing canola quality and yield potential. Canola is most vulnerable to competition for water, nutrients and sunlight from emergence to the 6-leaf stage.

Tank Mixes

Weeds can be very resilient in fields—and can do some serious damage to canola yields. Not only do they steal resources and nutrients from canola, but weeds, such as cleavers, also cling to the plant when growing toward the light, reducing crop development.

Ways to keep your weeds in check.

Whether it’s multiple flushes, volunteer canola or other problematic weeds, you’ll find innovative solutions to tackle your season’s toughest challenges.