Treated right, there’s no telling how far your soybeans can go.

Soybeans aren’t traditionally grown in the Prairies, but new, early-maturing varieties have led to a steep rise in interest and growth of this crop. Learn about major production challenges, and explore innovative solutions designed to maximize yield at every stage of your operation.

Crop Establishment

Protecting your seed from unpredictable spring conditions with a reliable inoculant and fungicide seed treatment is a good way to start the season. And the best way to set your soybeans up for success.

Weed Management

Weeds are competitive. They rob your crop of resources needed to maximize yield. Now with resistant biotypes on the rise, multiple modes of effective action and unique chemistries are needed more than ever.

Insect Management

Insects can cause serious losses in soybean quality and yield. By using the right management strategy, growers can prevent or minimize the damage caused by harmful insects to help realize the full potential of their crops.

Agricultural Product Guide

Explore what BASF has to offer throughout the season, complete with application rates and timing.

Because your soybeans deserve the best.
From start to finish.

At BASF, we believe there are four distinct periods for protecting and building stronger soybean crops. Choose from the most complete portfolio of innovative solutions at every stage of your operation.

Application Stewardship Portal

There are several factors you should consider when using a dicamba herbicide, such as Engenia. Do you know them?

The ultimate guide for a successful soybean crop.

The Soybean Production Guide provides growers and agronomists with the knowledge required to grow soybeans in Western Canada. From pre-seed decisions to harvest management, the comprehensive manual covers all the specifics.

Set Up Soybeans For Success Webinar

A recording of the Set Up Soybeans For Success Webinar is now available. You’ll have the opportunity to learn best practices and the latest trends for growing soybeans from industry leading experts. In addition to gaining vital knowledge you’ll also qualify to earn one CCA CEU credit after watching the recording of the webinar.