Over 150 markets1 across the globe are counting on your pulse crops. Are you ready?

Valued for their nutritional benefits in many countries, pulses are high-commodity crops that are exported globally – with Canada as the largest pulse exporter in the world. To maximize your crop quality and yield, learn how you can tackle key challenges at every stage of your production.

1 Pulse Canada, 2010.

Crop Establishment

Cold, wet seeding conditions aren’t ideal for seedlings. To give them the best start possible, choose the right inoculant and seed treatment for your crop, and manage seed and seedling diseases from the very beginning.

Weed Management

Keeping fields clean during the early stages of development is essential to crop quality and yield. To increase your crop’s performance and delay the onset of herbicide resistance in weeds, experts recommend using multiple modes of action.

Disease Management

With tightened rotations and disease pressure on the rise, pulse crops are vulnerable to disease during flowering. A well-timed fungicide program can help you manage key diseases throughout the season.

Harvest Management

Since pulse crops mature from the bottom up, a pre-harvest application can help speed up your dry down and increase field uniformity, making your harvest more efficient. The key is application timing.

The best solutions support your crop. Every step of the way.

Building a stronger pulse crop hinges on more than one production stage. Explore our innovative pulse portfolio for every stage of your operation.

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