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With the season almost up, this is no time to let your
guard down.

When it comes to managing disease, being proactive can really pay off. Whether you’re up against septoria brown spot, worried about white mold or simply looking to maximize ROI, preventative measures are key to increasing your crop’s yield potential.

With white mold, humidity isn’t the only culprit.

White mold thrives under moist conditions, but high humidity isn’t always the sole determining factor. Shorter rotations, high-yielding soybean crops and dense canopies all contribute to the disease.

Disease steals more than your crop’s good looks.

Under the right conditions, early-infecting diseases like septoria brown spot can lead to defoliation and yield loss. Not only can a well-timed fungicide protect your crop, it can raise your yield potential too.

Find disease management at its best.

Looking for innovative and effective protection against foliar diseases? Check out our soybean fungicide offerings designed to maximize your crop yield and quality.