Your corn's got potential. It’s time to realize it.

As the world’s top crop, corn hybrids are continuously being developed with desirable traits to meet your farming needs. But realizing your corn’s yield potential doesn’t depe­nd on genetics alone. Explore innovative solutions to help you tackle weeds and diseases all through the season.

Weed Management

Keeping fields clean during the early stages of development is essential to your crop’s yield. With the spread of resistant weeds across Canada, reliable control depends on a well-timed application with multiple modes of effective action.

Disease Management

With tightened rotations, reduced tillage and disease pressure on the rise, a well-timed fungicide program is key to managing yield-robbing diseases, increasing growth efficiency and minimizing the effects of environmental stress.

Boost potential in every kernel.

Maximizing your corn’s yield potential isn’t limited to one part of the season. That’s why BASF offers an innovative portfolio that targets key weeds and diseases, protecting your crop when it counts most.

Crop Protection Guide

Protect your crop from start to end. Explore what BASF has to offer throughout the season.