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Weeds are competitive.
That’s why you have to rig the match.

Weeds are competitive by nature, taking essential resources such as water, sunlight and nutrients away from your soybeans. Discover how using multiple modes of action can lead to effective weed management during the critical period for weed control, suitable for both IP and conventional soybeans.

A defining moment in your crop's yield potential.

During the critical period for weed control, competition for resources is greatest between soybeans and weeds. Left unchecked, this can severely impact your crop’s yield potential.

Resistance isn’t futile. It’s how weeds survive.

Within any population of weeds, there may be one individual with resistance mechanisms to withstand your herbicidal mode of action. It’s natural, but things get out of hand when resistant biotypes multiply.

Ways to weed out the competition.

Whether it’s the ultimate pre-plant/pre-emergent burndown or effective in-crop control, you’ll find solutions to keep your fields clean all season long.