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For the best in soybean quality, the world turns to us.

Not only does Canada have one of the world’s most favourable environments for growing soybeans, we’re also recognized for our strict guidelines when it comes to quality. Discover how you can optimize every stage of your production, and take advantage of higher premiums across the globe.

Crop Establishment

Your soybean’s relationship with rhizobia generates up to 75% of the plant’s required nitrogen. Some rhizobia occur naturally in the field, but only the right strains in high enough concentrations can maximize nodulation.

Weed Management

Soybean yields can be severely affected during the critical period for weed control. That’s why experts recommend using multiple modes of action to keep fields clean, while delaying the onset of herbicide resistance.

Disease Management

Disease isn’t just cosmetic. Under the right conditions, septoria brown spot, frogeye leaf spot and white mold can lead to reduced yield and quality. Preventative measures are key to effective disease management.

Insect Management

Insects can cause serious losses in soybean quality and yield. By using the right management strategy, growers can prevent or minimize the damage caused by harmful insects to help realize the full potential of their crops.

Keep your bases covered all through the season.

Your soybean’s growth is marked by four distinct periods, and each one helps protect and build stronger soybean plants. Discover best-in-class solutions for every stage of your operation.

Crop Protection Guide

Protect your crop from start to end. Explore what BASF has to offer throughout the season.