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Looking for peak performance in your soybeans?
Time to get them in shape.

Growing the highest quality soybeans is about being proactive and ensuring the health of your crop. Whether it’s a common septoria problem or an outbreak of white mold, every preventative measure means more beans in the bin, and more yield in a season.

Don’t let white mold rain on your parade.

Humidity isn’t the only determining factor for white mold. Shorter rotations, high-yielding soybean crops and dense canopies also favour the disease. This is where proactive measures can pay off.

Are you leaving yield on the table?

It’s no surprise that your soybean’s yield potential is closely tied to its health. But the right fungicide not only protects your crop from disease, it can also boost crop growth and the ability to manage environmental stress.

Give disease the runaround.

Looking for innovative and effective protection against foliar diseases? Check out our soybean fungicide offerings designed to maximize your crop yield and quality.