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If you haven’t heard, it’s the only canola system that delivers control of flushing weeds.

The word is spreading - Clearfield® canola is giving growers the kind of results they can’t stop talking about. It’s easy to use and the benefits are exceptional. So say goodbye to your weeds and hello to your neighbour, because you’ll be dying to tell them all about Clearfield.

Clearfield controls weeds with a single in-crop weed control application, saving time you might ordinarily have to spend in the sprayer. And less weeds means less time worrying about losing yield potential.

Clearfield also works hard to take out volunteer InVigor Liberty Link® or Roundup Ready® canola.

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Weed Management

Cleaner fields give better yields. Clearfield canola herbicides provide a wide range of options to provide you with the best choice for your specific weed pressure.


Weed Type Odyssey® Ultra Tensile Ares
Barnyard grass Control Control Control
Crabgrass (large) Control - -
Fall panicum - - -
Green foxtail* Control 2 Control Control
Japanese brome grass Control1 - Control
Persian darnel Control Control Control
Proso millet Control - -
Quackgrass Suppression 1 - -
Volunteer barley Control Control -
Volunteer canary seed - - Control
Volunteer corn Control - -
Volunteer durum wheat - Control Control
Volunteer tame oats Control Control -
Volunteer wheat (including Clearfield wheat) Control - -
Wild millet Control - -
Wild oats Control 2 Control Control
Witchgrass Control - -
Yellow foxtail Control Control Control


Weed Type Odyssey® DLX Tensile Ares
Canada thistle - Suppression -
Chickweed* Control - -
Cleavers* Control Suppression Control
Cow cockle - - Control
Flixweed Control - -
Green smartweed Control - -
Hemp-nettle Control - Control
Kochia - Suppression -
Lamb’s-quarters Suppression Control Control
Redroot pigweed* Control Control Control
Russian thistle Control - -
Shepherd's-purse* Control Control Control
Smartweed Control - Control
Sow thistle, perennial - Suppression -
Stinkweed* Control Control Control
Stork's-bill* Control - -
Volunteer canola (non-Clearfield)* Control Control Control
Volunteer tame mustard Control - Control
Wild buckwheat Control Control Control
Wild mustard* Control Control Control

* Multiple flushing weeds.
1 Not on current label. These weeds have been submitted to PMRA for approval and addition to the label.
2 Odyssey Ultra herbicide tank-mix will not control weed biotypes that have multiple resistance to both Group 1 and Group 2

Canola is Canada's agricultural success story. Make it yours.

Discover how you can tackle leading production challenges at every stage of your canola crop, and turn Canada’s leading oilseed into high-yielding returns.

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When it comes to yield, Clearfield canola competes with any other system out there. With new high-yielding hybrids recently introduced and a new Nexera hybrid available in 2013, the Clearfield Production System for canola offers great options for getting the best results on every acre.
Clearfield Nexera Canola
Nexera varieties from Dow AgroSciences are high performance hybrids, with competitive yields and excellent harvestability.
Crop Production Services
Canterra Seeds
Clearfield XCEED

If you farm in hot, dry, non-traditional canola regions, Clearfield XCEED is your best option for growing canola. The first ever herbicide-tolerant, open-pollinated Brassica juncea varieties, XCEED canola delivers increased stress tolerance to frost, heat and drought. And the pod-shatter resistance gives you the option to straight cut without swathing for harvest efficiency. XCEED canola is expanding the boundaries where canola can grow.

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Common Questions

What is the Clearfield Production System?

Clearfield is a crop production system combining specific herbicides and seeds from crop varieties that have been traditionally bred for herbicide tolerance and high yields.

The wide range of available Clearfield herbicides allows growers to customize weed control for pressures specific to their crops while maintaining sustainability in resistance management plans.

Are Clearfield canola varieties Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)?

No. All registered or soon-to-be registered Clearfield canola varieties were developed using traditional plant breeding methods. Therefore, Clearfield crops are treated as non-GMO, conventional crops and are approved for export worldwide.

Which herbicides can I use on Clearfield canola?

One of the key benefits of the Clearfield Production System for canola is that it offers choice. Growers can select the herbicide that best matches their weed control needs, depending on specific weed pressure, timing, rotation plans and sustainability strategies.

The current herbicides registered for use in Clearfield canola are: Ares, Odyssey® Ultra*, Odyssey NXT, Odyssey Ultra NXT, Solo®, Solo ADV, and Solo Ultra.

How do I control volunteer Clearfield canola in my peas?

You can use Basagran herbicide to control volunteer Clearfield canola in your field peas. Basagran is also a Group 6 herbicide, making it an excellent resistance management tool.

What is the Clearfield Commitment?

The Clearfield Commitment is an agreement between a grower and BASF that serves as a license, allowing the grower to access the benefits of The Clearfield Production System technology. It has now changed from a yearly Commitment to an evergreen Commitment for all Clearfield crops. This means that growers who sign a Commitment in 2015 will not be required to sign again in the future. If growers did not sign a Commitment in 2015 or 2016, a signed Commitment will be required for the 2017 growing season. Similar to previous years, growers must sign and have the Commitments submitted by July 7, 2017. In the case of Clearfield canola, growers pay a Clearfield Commitment Fee of $70/bag when they purchase seed.

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Evergreen Clearfield Commitment for canola.

An easier way for growers and retailers.

Everything you need to know about the evergreen Clearfield Commitment for canola.

As a part of BASF's dedication to improving its processes, the Clearfield Commitment was updated to an evergreen Commitment in 2015. The evergreen Clearfield Commitment for canola is the assurance of Clearfield trait integrity, germination, vigour and purity of the seed. The Clearfield Commitment is part of the responsibility that BASF Canada has shown over numerous years to support ongoing research and future development of new Clearfield varieties with our seed partners.

The Clearfield Commitment is an agreement between the grower and BASF that serves as a license, allowing the grower to access the benefits of Clearfield crops. In 2015, all Clearfield Commitments were updated to an evergreen status to help reduce future requirements for signatures. If growers signed a Clearfield Commitment in 2015, no further signing is required.

For growers who did not purchase Clearfield canola in 2015 or 2016, they will need to sign a Clearfield Commitment for the 2017 season.

How to register and/or sign a Commitment

There are four ways to register and sign the Clearfield Commitment:
  • Via the Secure Grower Website at
  • With a Clearfield canola Retailer
  • With a BASF Sales Representative
  • Call AgSolutions® Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273)

The benefits of the evergreen Clearfield Commitment for canola.

BASF has added continuity through Clearfield Commitments for all crops, by having an evergreen status for process improvement, clarity and ease to both growers and retailers.

Growers who sign the Clearfield Commitment by the required deadlines will ensure they’re eligible to receive AgSolutions Rewards. There is an annual fee of $70 per bag when seed is purchased. A portion of the trait fee is reinvested each year to support the development of future Clearfield canola varieties.

The deadline for signed Clearfield Commitment forms is July 7, 2017.

The Clearfield Commitment Form for canola

You have four options for completing and submitting the form:
  • Electronically sign your Clearfield Commitment form on the BASF Secure Grower Website. You will require your unique username and password
  • Sign the Commitment form at the retail location where you purchased Clearfield canola
  • Complete the Clearfield Commitment Form with your BASF Sales Representative
  • Call in to AgSolutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273)

For more information on the evergreen Clearfield Commitment for canola, contact your BASF Sales Representative or call AgSolutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).

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Facet L

Innovative, alternative-mode-of-action liquid herbicide for use on all canola types. Facet® L provides selective, post-emergent control of tough weeds, including cleavers and green foxtail and their resistant biotypes.


The performance standard in weed control for Clearfield® canola and Clearfield lentils.

Odyssey Ultra

Odyssey Ultra herbicide combines two modes of action for proven control of tough broadleaf and grassy weeds.

Odyssey NXT

Reliable 1-pass weed control in multiple crops including Clearfield lentils, soybeans and field peas.

Odyssey Ultra NXT

Multiple modes of action for proven, early-season control of tough grassy and broadleaf weeds.

Solo Ultra

Two modes of action for proven control of grasses and tough broadleaf weeds, with rotational freedom.

Solo ADV

Solo ADV herbicide provides reliable control of tough weeds with rotational freedom, in a new, convenient liquid formulation.


Solo® provides reliable control of tough grassy weeds and targeted broadleaf weeds with rotational freedom.

Heat LQ

Heat® LQ herbicide for pre-seed, pre-emergence and chemfallow applications provides the ultimate burndown in an easy-to-use liquid formulation. 
Heat LQ for pre-harvest applications delivers fast, complete crop and broadleaf weed dry down.



A new era of sclerotinia management to help preserve yield potential and quality in canola, pulses, soybeans and dry beans.


Priaxor® is a more advanced fungicide that helps maximize your crop's yield potential.

Lance AG

Providing enhanced performance and the benefits of AgCelence® for canola and pulse growers


Gives you a proactive approach to providing unprecedented disease control.

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