It’s more than tradition.
Putting everything into your cereals just makes sense.

Starting from the moment Percy and Charles Saunders created Marquis wheat, Canadians have continually redefined the leading edge of cereal production worldwide – and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Explore our innovative portfolio of cereal solutions, and see how you can achieve bigger yields and better quality with steps taken all season long.

Crop Establishment

Seed- and soil-borne diseases can rob your cereal crop of yield and quality early on. But using a seed treatment and choosing the right cereal varieties can help your crop tackle the season head on.

Weed Management

Weeds are competitive, stealing essential resources that your crop needs. And with the spread of resistant biotypes across Canada, using unique chemistries and multiple modes of action is more important than ever.

Disease Management

With diseases like stripe rust and fusarium head blight on the rise, 2016 was a difficult year for cereals. To avoid losses to yield and quality this year, a preventative fungicide can help – but only if it’s applied at the right time.

Shield your field with the Fusarium Management Guide.

Protect your field from fusarium head blight and grow a profitable crop through effective management practices. Keep this comprehensive guide on hand; it carries important information on cereal production and the impact of FHB on value, quality and your crop’s overall performance - so you can fight back.

Tradition, meet innovation.

Canadian cereals are recognized globally for their quality and strict grading standards. But it takes a season-long approach to continue the tradition of growing the world’s best cereals. See how our innovative portfolio can help you establish a stronger, healthier crop, while managing weeds and diseases all through the season.