Herbicide resistance is a long-term problem. This calls for a long-term solution.

Herbicide resistance occurs naturally in weed genetics. Sooner or later, repeated use of a single mode of action or herbicide group will select for resistant weeds. If left unchecked, susceptible ones will die off while the resistant biotypes will survive, set seed and eventually take over the field.

Outmatch weeds with multiple tactics.

Prevent the onset of herbicide resistance by using multiple modes of action. Ensure that the active ingredients target overlapping weed spectrums for control by more than one mode of action. Rotate into different crops along with different herbicide groups, and use unique chemistries wherever possible. Always apply herbicides at the recommended rates.

Heat LQ

Applied pre-seed or pre-emergent, Heat® LQ herbicide uses its unique Group 14 chemistry for broad- spectrum control of tough weeds, including Group 2- and glyphosate-resistant biotypes This alternative mode of action also helps delay the onset of resistance, making it an essential part of any resistance management strategy.

It’s not called the ultimate burndown for nothing.

Very rainfast and quickly absorbed, see how Heat LQ complements and improves your glyphosate application, delivering broadleaf-weed control in as few as 3 to 5 days.

  • Heat LQ provides the fastest burndown under cold conditions
  • Volunteer glyphosate tolerant canola
    12 days after application at 10oC
  • Cleavers
    12 days after application at 10oC
  • Kochia control (group 2 and glyphosate resistant) 12 days after application at 10°C

Viper ADV

By combining two active ingredients from Group 2 and Group 6, Viper® ADV herbicide delivers multiple modes of action for broad-spectrum control of later germinating broadleaf weeds and grasses, including resistant wild mustard and volunteer canola.

Maximal impact in one multi-action move.

With multiple modes of action to help manage resistant weeds, see how Viper ADV performs in the field.

  • Cleaver control, 7 days after application of Viper ADV herbicide
  • Volunteer canola control with application of Viper ADV herbicide vs glyphosate

Odyssey Ultra NXT

Using active ingredients from Groups 1 and 2, Odyssey® Ultra herbicide delivers proven, wide-spectrum control of resistant grasses and key broadleaf weeds, including multiple flushes. Plus, it offers an extended application window up to the 6-leaf stage of grasses.

Embark on an odyssey into weed-free territory.

See how Odyssey Ultra NXT uses two modes of action to deliver control of key grasses, including resistant biotypes.

  • Japanese brome grass control 28 days after application in Clearfield lentils.

Next up: Disease Management

With tightened rotations and disease pressure on the rise, pulse crops are vulnerable to disease during flowering. A well-timed fungicide program can help you manage key diseases throughout the season.

Take the clean-fields approach to higher yields.

Whether it’s the ultimate pre-seed/pre-emergent burndown or exceptional in-crop control, you’ll find solutions to keep your fields clean all season long.

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