Step up your harvest. With the perfect pre - harvest.

Pulse crops mature from the bottom up, leaving green material at the top. That’s where your pre-harvest herbicide comes in, improving crop uniformity and harvest efficiency. However, a pre-harvest herbicide will start to dry down the crop immediately – regardless of maturity. Applied too early, it can affect yield, reduce seed size and even exceed maximum residue limits.

Look out for fall colours.

Be sure to scout regularly when the colour of your fields start to turn. Look for visual cues that indicate your crop is ready for a pre-harvest herbicide application. For dry beans, 90% of the pods will have turned yellow and/or light brown. 80 to 90% of the original leaves will have dropped, and stems are green to brown in colour.

Heat LQ

Applied pre-harvest, Heat® LQ herbicide speeds up crop and weed dry down to improve uniformity, harvestability and storability. Tank mix with glyphosate for control of broadleaf and perennial weeds to start your fields off clean next season.

Accelerate to harvest.

See how Heat LQ delivers rapid dry down of both dry beans and weeds, increasing your ease of harvestability.

  • Wild Buckwheat - 14 days after treatment with Heat LQ
  • Spiny annual sow thistle and cleavers - 14 days after treatment with Heat LQ
  • Ragweed comparison after 7 days of treatment - Heat LQ vs the competition
  • Cleaner field the next spring: Heat LQ vs the competition
  • Perennial weed efficacy - spring after application

Other Pulses

Valued for their nutritional benefits in many countries, pulses are high-commodity crops that are exported globally – with Canada as the largest pulse exporter in the world. To maximize your crop quality and yield, learn how you can tackle key challenges at every stage of your production.

1 Pulse Canada, 2010.

All you need to get your harvest off the ground.

Find out more about Heat LQ for pre-harvest. Applied at the right stage, it delivers faster dry down of both crops and weeds, leading to a faster, more efficient harvest.

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