Spring conditions are tough.
Is your seed treatment up to snuff?

Spring conditions are tough for pulse crops. Diseases thrive in damp soil conditions, while cold temperatures impair the crop’s ability to fend off disease. Now with tightened rotations and reduced tillage practices, it’s no wonder seed and seedling diseases are a rising concern.

Protect your crop from the get-go.

Test your seed for diseases and use a fungicide seed treatment. This will help manage any seed-borne or unknown soil-borne diseases, as well as prevent the introduction and build-up of inoculum in your soils. A preventative treatment can save you from more expensive inputs later in the season.

Insure Pulse

By combining the unique translocation and mobility characteristics of Xemium® with the proven benefits1 of AgCelence®, Insure® Pulse delivers more consistent and continuous protection against seed and seedling diseases. Plus, it enhances germination, emergence and vigour – even under cold conditions.

1AgCelence benefits refer to products that contain the active ingredient pyraclostrobin.

Disease control that doesn't quit.

See how Insure Pulse delivers exceptional control of key pulse diseases, including ascochyta and botrytis. The result? Higher rates of emergence compared to competitive treatments and the untreated check.

  • Chickpea - Severity of Ascochyta infection
  • Chickpeas - Insure Pulse vs the leading competitor
  • Botrytis comparison of Insure Pulse vs untreated chickpea
  • Plant height comparison of Insure Pulse vs the competition
  • Plant emergence - Insure Pulse vs the competition
  • Root length - Insure Pulse vs the competition

Next up: Weed Management

Keeping fields clean during the early stages of development is essential to crop quality and yield. To increase your crop’s performance and delay the onset of herbicide resistance in weeds, experts recommend using multiple modes of action.

Get ahead with these early-season musts.

Give your pulse crops the head start they deserve. Establish your crop’s yield and quality early on with the best in seed treatments and inoculants from BASF.

A better start for your flax. A better finish for you.

Maximize the potential of your flax from the ground up. Using an effective fungicide seed treatment like Insure Pulse helps to protect flax from early infection at the seeding stage and improves emergence, giving it a healthier, more vigorous start.

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