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Get on the fast lane to harvest. With the perfect pre-harvest.

Late germinating weeds and green tissue can spell trouble at harvest. That’s where a pre-harvest herbicide comes in. It speeds up the rate of dry down, improving crop uniformity and harvest efficiency – but proper timing is key. Once applied, a pre-harvest herbicide will immediately begin to dry down the crop. Applied too early, it can affect yield, reduce seed size and exceed maximum residue limits.

Learn more about pre-harvest staging.

Telltale signs that your soybeans are ready.

Be sure to scout regularly as the crop starts to mature. For soybeans, apply your pre-harvest herbicide when 90% of the pods have turned colour, where the lower pods are mainly brown and upper pods are yellow-brown or gray in some varieties.

Heat LQ

Applied pre-harvest, Heat® LQ speeds up crop and weed dry down to improve uniformity, harvestability and storability. Tank mix with glyphosate for control of broadleaf and perennial weeds, and work towards a cleaner start next season.

  • Weed dry down 4-22 days after treatment


Soybeans aren’t traditionally grown in the Prairies, but new, early-maturing varieties have led to a steep rise in interest and growth of this crop. Learn about major production challenges, and explore innovative solutions designed to maximize yield at every stage of your operation.

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