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Get on the fast lane to harvest. With the perfect pre-harvest.

Late sprouting weeds and green tissue can spell trouble at harvest. That’s where a pre-harvest herbicide comes in. It speeds up the rate of dry down, improving crop uniformity and harvest efficiency – but proper timing is key. Once applied, a pre-harvest herbicide will immediately begin to dry down the crop. Applied too early, it can affect yield, reduce seed size and exceed maximum residue limits.

Learn more about pre-harvest staging

Telltale signs that your soybeans are ready.

Be sure to scout regularly as the crop starts to mature. For soybeans, apply your pre-harvest herbicide when 90% of the pods have turned colour, where the lower pods are mainly brown and upper pods are yellow-brown or gray in some varieties.

Eragon LQ

Applied pre-harvest, Eragon® LQ speeds up crop and weed dry down to improve uniformity, harvestability and storability. Tank mix with glyphosate for control of broadleaf and perennial weeds, and work towards a cleaner start next season.

The results couldn’t be more cut and dry.

See how Eragon LQ delivers rapid dry down of both soybeans and weeds, improving your crop’s harvestability.

  • Eragon + glyphosate vs untreated
  • Eragon herbicide - registered as a harvest aid and desiccant.
  • Eragon as a desiccant
  • Eragon as a burndown desiccant
  • Weed control with Eragon
  • Redroot pigweed control
  • Sow thistle control
  • Ragweed control

Conventional/IP Soybeans

Not only does Canada have one of the world’s most favourable environments for growing soybeans, we’re also recognized for our strict guidelines when it comes to quality. Discover how you can optimize every stage of your production, and take advantage of higher premiums across the globe.

End your season with the ultimate dry down.

Find out more about Eragon LQ for pre-harvest. Applied at the right stage, it delivers faster dry down of both crops and weeds, leading to a faster, more efficient harvest.

Through our BASF Ag Product Assurance program, we support customers who have applied our products according to label recommendations and did not receive reasonable product performance. For details, contact your local BASF representative or call BASF Ag Solutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).

Get the most out of every dollar with the BASF Ag Rewards program. To participate, purchase the minimum number of acres required along with two or more qualifying BASF products. Click on the rewards calculator to see your potential rebate and to learn more about the program.