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A single action drives resistance.
Multiple actions prevent it.

Herbicide resistance is a result of natural variation in a weed’s genetics. Repeated use of a single mode of action or herbicide group will select for those resistant weeds. If left unchecked, susceptible weeds will disappear while herbicide-resistant biotypes continue to survive and produce more seed, eventually dominating the field.

Watch this video to learn more about herbicide resistance.

It takes more than one mode to put weeds out of action.

Resistance management is two-fold: control current resistant weeds and prevent the development of new resistant biotypes. When using multiple modes of action, ensure the active ingredients deliver overlapping control of the target weeds. Where possible, rotate into different herbicide groups and use unique chemistries. Apply at full label rates for optimal control and resistance management.

Kixor herbicides

Add the unique Group 14 chemistry of Kixor® to your burndown. Applied pre-plant/pre-emergence, Optill®, Eragon® and Integrity® herbicides each deliver effective control of weeds resistant to glyphosate, triazine and Group 2 chemistries. Tank mix with glyphosate, Engenia® or Zidua SC herbicides for multiple modes of effective action.


Driven by its Group 14 and Group 2 chemistries, Optill delivers rapid burndown with residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds. Suitable for no-till and vertical-till operations.


Combines Group 14 and 15 chemistries to deliver early season control of tough broadleaf weeds, with suppression of key grasses. Take advantage of its excellent follow-crop flexibility.

Eragon LQ

Rapid-acting and quickly absorbed, the convenient liquid formulation of Eragon LQ delivers fast, complete burndown of tough broadleaf weeds.

Add Kixor into the mix. Because this happens.

Trial results have shown that adding a Kixor herbicide to your pre-plant/pre-emergent application of glyphosate and/or Engenia leads to more effective control of tough weeds, providing essential, early season weed control.

  • Time lapse - Optill provides a fast burndown & residual control of tough weeds.
  • Time lapse - Integrity herbicide provides superior residual control of tough and resistant weeds
  • Eragon provides cleaner fields in the spring after a fall application.
  • Canada Fleabane Management

Throw off the weeds. Put new players into the mix.

With resistant weeds, using multiple modes of effective action is key. Tank mix your Kixor herbicide with Engenia and/or Zidua SC to manage and delay the onset of resistance.


For Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® dicamba-tolerant soybeans, this advanced formulation of dicamba offers lower volatility properties and an additional mode of action for control of tough broadleaf weeds and resistant biotypes. Apply as needed with your in-crop glyphosate treatment for managing resistant weeds.

Zidua SC

Applied pre-plant/pre-emergent with your Kixor herbicide, Engenia and/or glyphosate, Zidua SC delivers innovative Group 15 activity and residual control of germinating weed seedlings. Target key annual grasses and select broadleaf weeds, including common waterhemp, redroot pigweed and resistant biotypes.

Designed for leading-edge results.

See how adding Engenia or Zidua SC to your pre-plant/pre-emergent application leads to more effective control of tough weeds, including resistant biotypes.

  • See the difference with Engenia herbicide
  • Introducing Engenia herbicide, our most advanced dicamba formulation for Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans.
  • Glyphosate resistant Canada fleabane 4 weeks after treatment
  • Control of glyphosate-resistant waterhemp with Zidua SC

More than important, this period is critical.

The critical period for weed control marks a time when competition for resources is highest between weeds and soybeans, severely impacting your crop’s yield potential. For soybeans, this period is from emergence to the second trifoliate stage.1

1 Sikkema, 2016.

Next up: Disease Management

Given the right conditions, diseases like white mold can lead to substantial losses in yield and quality. But taking proactive action does more than fend off disease. It can build yield and protect quality.

Ways to keep you out of the weeds.

Whether it’s the ultimate pre-plant/pre-emergent burndown or effective in-crop control, you’ll find solutions to keep your fields clean all season long.

Through our BASF Ag Product Assurance program, we support customers who have applied our products according to label recommendations and did not receive reasonable product performance. For details, contact your local BASF representative or call BASF Ag Solutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).

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