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When weed control is critical, that’s where you come in.

Eliminating weed pressure during the early stages of development is essential for preserving the yield potential of your soybeans. From emergence to the second trifoliate stage,1 the critical period for weed control is when soybeans are most vulnerable to competition for water, sunlight and nutrients.

1 Sikkema, 2016.

Don’t let soybeans get overshadowed.

Keep your fields clean during the critical period for weed control. Burndown with multiple modes of effective action and take the pressure off your in-crop herbicide application.

Kixor herbicides

Applied pre-plant/pre-emergence, Optill®, Eragon® and Integrity® herbicides each offer the unique Group 14 chemistry of Kixor® to deliver an effective burndown, providing weed control when it counts most. Tank mix with glyphosate, Engenia® or Zidua SC herbicides to tailor your weed control program.


By offering multiple modes of action, Optill herbicide delivers rapid burndown with residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds. Suitable for no-till and vertical-till operations.


Combines Group 14 and 15 chemistries to deliver early season control of key broadleaf weeds, with suppression of key grasses. Take advantage of its excellent follow-crop flexibility.

Eragon LQ

Rapid-acting and quickly absorbed, the convenient liquid formulation of Eragon LQ herbicide delivers fast, complete burndown of tough broadleaf weeds.

Give your burndown the kick it needs.

See how the use of a Kixor herbicide leads to more effective control of tough weeds.

  • See the difference with Integrity herbicide
  • Kixor timelapse - control of lamb's quarters
  • Kixor time lapse - glyphosate resistant Canada fleabane control
  • Kixor time lapse - control of ragweed
  • Residual weed control into early crop development
  • Weed control in soybeans with Eragon
  • Weed control in soybeans with Optill
  • Comparative dandelion control
  • Comparative yield of soybeans
  • Strong weed burndown

Want more control? Just add on.

Concerned about waterhemp or other resistant weeds? Tank mix your Kixor herbicide with Engenia and/or Zidua SC to broaden your targeted weed spectrum.


Growing Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® dicamba-tolerant soybeans? Engenia offers an advanced formulation of dicamba with lower volatility properties, for effective control of tough broadleaf and perennial weeds. Apply as needed with your in-crop glyphosate for management of resistant weeds.

Zidua SC

Tank mixed with your Kixor herbicide, Engenia and/or glyphosate, Zidua SC herbicide offers residual control of germinating weed seedlings. Target key annual grasses and select broadleaf weeds, including common waterhemp, redroot pigweed and resistant biotypes.

Results beyond compare.

See how adding Engenia or Zidua SC to your pre-plant/pre-emergent application leads to more effective control of tough weeds.

  • See how Engenia herbicide provdes effective control of tough weeds
  • Control of glyphosate-resistant waterhemp in Zidua SC

Survival of the resistant? You decide.

Herbicide resistance is the result of naturally occurring genetic variation. The more you use a single mode of action, the more likely you are to come across a resistant weed and select for its survival.

Next up: Disease Management

Given the right conditions, diseases like white mold can lead to substantial losses in yield and quality. But taking proactive action does more than fend off disease. It can build yield and protect quality.

Ways to keep you out of the weeds.

Whether it’s the ultimate pre-plant/pre-emergent burndown or effective in-crop control, you’ll find solutions to keep your fields clean all season long.

Through our BASF Ag Product Assurance program, we support customers who have applied our products according to label recommendations and did not receive reasonable product performance. For details, contact your local BASF representative or call BASF Ag Solutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).

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