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Fusarium head blight (FHB) is on the rise across Western Canada, making it one of the leading causes for downgraded cereals in 2016. Watch the video and learn more about where Fusarium has spread and how you can protect your crop from it. .

Head out on time.

Because the pathogen responsible for FHB invades open flowers, a fungicide should be applied preventatively as part of an integrated approach. Apply when more than 75% of the heads of the main stem are fully emerged, and check for 20 to 50% flowering on 10 to 25 main stems in a row.

Did you know that the impact of FHB can extend beyond your current crop?


Caramba® fungicide offers proven, preventative protection against fusarium head blight and other late-season diseases. Reduce deoxynivalenol (DON/VOMI) contamination, while preserving your crop’s grade and quality.

With results like these, there’s no comparison.

Applied at 20 to 50% flower, see how Caramba provides effective management of fusarium head blight.

  • Comparing DON levels in Caramba vs untreated
  • Fusarium head blight management with Caramba fungicide
  • Wheat 17 days after application of Caramba fungicide
  • Increased yield with Caramba
  • Lower DON levels and improved crop quality with Caramba
  • Improved disease control
  • Why crop establishment matters.
  • Healthier with Caramba

Why the fuss around flag leaf.

When the majority of your crop’s yield is built by the last few leaves, protecting them against disease should be your top priority. But when is the best time to apply your foliar fungicide?


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Don’t let disease take its toll.

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