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You can’t call off the resistance.
But you can hold it back.

Because herbicide resistance comes from natural variations in a weed’s DNA, resistant biotypes can pop up within any given population. So when a single mode of action is overused, it’s more likely to encounter and select for resistant individuals. If left unchecked, resistant biotypes survive and produce more seed, eventually dominating the field.

The best strategies come in multiple modes.

Managing resistance is about controlling current resistant weeds and delaying the onset of further resistance. Tank mix or choose products with multiple modes of effective action, which offer overlapping control of target weeds. Rotate herbicide groups from pre-plant to post-emergence, choosing unique chemistries where possible.

Pre-plant/pre-emergent application

Nothing gets crops off to a better start than our early-season solutions for corn. They deliver control of the toughest weeds, including resistant biotypes.


Combines Group 14 and Group 15 chemistries to deliver early season, broad-spectrum control of tough grasses and broadleaf weeds, including biotypes resistant to glyphosate, triazine and Group 2 chemistries.

Zidua SC

Tank mixed with Marksman® herbicide and/or glyphosate, Zidua SC herbicide offers Group 15 chemistry with residual control of germinating weed seedlings. Target key annual grasses and select broadleaf weeds, including resistant waterhemp and redroot pigweed.

Innovative chemistry. Straightforward results.

See how a pre-plant/pre-emergent application of Integrity or Zidua SC can offer control of tough, resistant weeds. Get your corn off to a clean start.

  • Superior residual control of tough and resistant weeds
  • Comparison of 2-pass herbicide program.
  • Control of lamb's quarters
  • Control of yellow nutsedge
  • Control of velvet leaf

In-crop application

Looking for solutions to tough weeds problems in-crop? Our post-emergent herbicides provide excellent control throughout the season for results when they count most – at harvest.

Armezon PRO

Offers Group 27 and Group 15 chemistries to add multiple modes of action to your in-crop application of glyphosate, atrazine and/or Marksman® herbicide. Delivers rapid, wide-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds and grasses along with residual activity on later-emerging weeds.


Uses an innovative Group 27 chemistry to deliver rapid, post-emergent control of tough broadleaf weeds and grasses, including biotypes resistant to glyphosate, triazine and Group 2 chemistries. Tank mix with your in-crop glyphosate and/or atrazine application.


Applied tank mixed with Armezon® PRO herbicide, Marksman® herbicide combines Group 5 and Group 4 chemistries for proven control of key broadleaf weeds. Benefit from extended residual control of late-germinating weeds and glyphosate-resistant biotypes, such as pigweed, ragweed, and waterhemp.

Zidua SC

When applied with Marksman and/or glyphosate in-crop, Zidua SC offers residual control of germinating weed seedlings soon after crop emergence. Target key annual grasses and broadleaf weeds, including resistant waterhemp and pigweed. Benefit from a wide application window up to 4-leaf in corn.

Chemistry that’s hard to resist.

Adding Armezon, Armezon PRO or Zidua SC to your in-crop application adds another mode of action, delivering more effective control of tough weeds, including perennial sowthistle, ragweed and waterhemp. Manage biotypes resistant to glyphosate, triazine and Group 2 chemistries.

  • Armezon PRO + atrazine + glyphsate vs glyphosate alone comparison 1
  • Armezon PRO + atrazine + glyphosate vs glyphosate alone comparison 2
  • Residual grass and pigweed control, 38 days after application
  • Armezon PRO - multiple modes of action

Catch the yield-defining moment of your corn’s life.

There’s a point in the season when competition for resources is greatest between weeds and corn, severely impacting your crop’s yield potential. This period lasts from emergence up to the 6th leaf stage.1

1 Sikkema, 2016

Next up: Disease Management

With tightened rotations, reduced tillage and disease pressure on the rise, a well-timed fungicide program is key to managing yield-robbing diseases, increasing growth efficiency and minimizing the effects of environmental stress.

Ways to keep your weeds in check.

Whether it’s pre-plant/pre-emergent burndown or in-crop control, you’ll find solutions to clear out tough weeds when it counts most.

Through our BASF Ag Product Assurance program, we support customers who have applied our products according to label recommendations and did not receive reasonable product performance. For details, contact your local BASF representative or call BASF Ag Solutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).

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