New modes for new levels of control.

Herbicide resistance is a result of natural variation in a weed’s genetics. Repeated use of a single mode of action or herbicide group will select for those resistant individuals. That’s why it’s important to use multiple modes of action to manage tough weeds—and to make the application at an effective time. For soybeans, the critical period for weed control is emergence to the 3rd trifoliate stage.1

1 Van Acker et al., 1993.

The guide to cleaner glyphosate-tolerant soybeans.

The Advanced Weed Control Program for glyphosate-tolerant soybeans incorporates herbicide layering with a pre-seed application of either Heat® LQ or Heat Complete herbicide followed by an in-crop application of Viper® ADV herbicide. Providing a residual product with multiple modes of effective action, such as Heat Complete, establishes a cleaner field from the start for a more productive crop throughout the season.

Multiply defense reinforcements for dicamba-tolerant soybeans.

The Advanced Weed Control Program for dicamba-tolerant soybeans utilizes a pre-seed application of Engenia® herbicide plus Heat LQ or Heat Complete followed by an in-crop application of Viper ADV. With multiple modes of effective action, residual activity and herbicide layering, this program tackles the toughest weed situations and keeps your soybeans free from competition throughout the season.

Your go-to plan for ensuring weeds are gone.

The Advanced Weed Control Program for both glyphosate-tolerant and dicamba-tolerant soybeans not only starts soybeans off the best possible way against herbicide resistance, but also helps manage competing weeds throughout the season.

Pre-seed: Engenia

Applied pre-seed, Engenia herbicide is an advanced Group 4 formulation for dicamba-tolerant soybeans. It’s an effective tool against resistant weeds, helping to manage Group 2-, triazine- and glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Pre-seed: Heat LQ

Heat LQ pre-seed herbicide gives soybeans a clean start, providing a burndown of tough broadleaf weeds in as few as 3 to 5 days.2 Tank mixed with glyphosate, the Group 14 chemistry delivers control of Group 2- and glyphosate-resistant weeds.

2 Depending on growing conditions.

A quick end to weed problems.

Applied pre-seed, Heat LQ herbicide frees soybeans from weed competition when it matters most. It helps manage tough weeds, such as cleavers, stinkweed, volunteer canola, and wild mustard.

  • Heat LQ timelapse of weed control vs competitors
  • Weed control: Heat LQ + glyphosate + Merge vs Glyphosate only

Pre-seed: Heat Complete

As the ultimate pre-seed burndown with residual activity, Heat Complete herbicide provides rapid control against tough weeds at the start of the season. With both Group 14 and Group 15 tank mixed with glyphosate, it delivers multiple modes of action to control Group 1-, 2- and 9-resistant weeds with extended residual activity on key grassy and broadleaf weeds.

It’s not called the ultimate burndown for nothing.

Heat Complete herbicide provides a rapid burndown with extended residual activity of with extended residual activity of cleavers, stinkweed, volunteer canola, wild mustard, wild buckwheat, waterhemp, kochia, lamb’s quarters, redroot pigweed, wild oats and green & yellow foxtail.

  • Heat Complete provides the ultimate pre-seed burndown with extended residual activity on tough-to-control weeds.

In-crop: Viper ADV

Viper ADV is an in-crop herbicide, applied from cotyledon to 4th trifoliate in both glyphosate-tolerant and dicamba-tolerant soybeans. With Group 2 and Group 6 chemistry, it provides multiple modes of action to control later germinating broadleaf weeds and grasses. It comes in a convenient, liquid formulation and provides excellent rotational flexibility.

Results beyond compare.

Viper ADV is an in-crop defense against herbicide-resistant weeds, including wild mustard and volunteer canola. It also helps protect against tough-to-control weeds, such as lamb’s quarters, redroot pigweed and stinkweed.

  • Cleaver control: 7 days after application of Viper ADV

Next up: Insect Management

Soybeans can be a particulary vulnerable crop, facing numerous challenges from weeds, to disease, to parasitic insects. Unlike herbicides and fungicides, insecticides are not recommended for preventative treatment. Of course, it is always important to understand any potential pest problems you may have and act quickly at the first sign of issues.

The Advanced Weed Control Program

The Advanced Weed Control Program from BASF takes the guesswork out of weed control and resistance management strategies. Follow the program from a complete solution in your peas, lentils, soybeans and corn.

Ways to keep you out of the weeds.

Whether it’s the ultimate pre-seed/pre-emergent burndown or effective in-crop control, you’ll find solutions to keep your fields clean all season long.

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