An innovative biological fungicide with multiple modes of action that forms a shield of protection on plants’ surfaces to protect against disease.

  • Highly effective, biological fungicide for a wide range of crops
  • Multiple unique modes of action form a protective shield against a broad-spectrum of diseases
  • Complements both chemistry-based solutions and organic production
  • Zero PHI, 4-hour REI and 36-month shelf life offer new flexibility and choice to address crop production challenges
  • Sets the standard for product purity, performance and quality

How it works

Le mode d'action

  • Serifel’s active ingredient is Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain MBI600. It is a beneficial spore-forming, rod-shaped bacterium, that colonizes the developing leaf surface of plants.
  • Serifel works best as a preventative treatment before disease pathogens have established on the plant. Application before the major disease pressure gives Serifel time to germinate, colonize the plant surface and produce its disease fighting metabolites.
  • Serifel forms a “shield of protection” against a broad spectrum of plant pathogens thanks to three modes of action.
    1. Production of anti-fungal metabolites: Serifel produces specific metabolites that prevent different species of pathogens from germinating. The metabolites cause the pathogen spores and growing hyphae to collapse, by disrupting their cell membrane.
    2. Competition for space: Moreover, by being the first to occupy the limited space on the plant, Serifel physically excludes plant pathogens from colonizing on the plant foliage.
    3. Competition for resources: Serifel also depletes the supply of nutrients on the plant surface so that pathogen spores are starved to death.

When to apply

La période d'application

Refer to label for complete details.

How much to apply

La quantité à appliquer

Refer to label for complete details.

Application tips

Conseils d'application

Diseases controlled

Maladies maîtrisées

Pests controlled

Parasites maîtrisés

Tank mixes

Les mélanges en réservoir

Common questions

Les questions fréquentes

Weeds controlled

Les mauvaises herbes maîtrisées

Follow crops

Les cultures de rotation

Product specifications

Les spécifications du produit

Size (units x size):4 x 2 KG
Product Article #:59018056
PCP #:30054
Ontario Classification #:
Gross Weight of Package:50g – 10kg
PTS - T/L (48 foot):
Warehouse Stack Height:2 pallets high
Heated Storage:Yes, keep above 5°C
Flash Point:N/A
NFC Class:
TDG Information:Land Transport - Not classified as a dangerous good under transportation regulations


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