Expect more with AgCelence.

AgCelence® fungicides deliver more compared to other fungicide offerings. Research has shown they help maximize the potential of crops through exceptional disease control, increased growth efficiency and better management of stress.

  • Priaxor® as well as Headline® in canola, pulses, corn, soybeans, flax and more
  • Headline AMP in barley, corn, oats, rye and wheat
  • Twinline® in wheat, barley, oats and rye

Research shows that AgCelence benefits can result in crops with larger, greener leaves, stronger stems and better management of minor stress. For the grower, it all adds up to crops with increased yield potential.


Research has shown that...


  • Treated crops use energy more efficiently during respiration, preserving it for increased growth.
  • Treated crops have higher levels of nitrate reductase which causes an increase in efficiency of nitrogen assimilation.

When the active ingredient is present in plants, treated crops are better suited to manage the harmful by-products produced during growth under stress and are less impacted by short periods of minor heat, cold and drought stress. The results are larger, greener leaves, stronger stems and increased yield potential.

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