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Growing Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans? Engenia® herbicide is a dicamba formulation that provides improved broadleaf weed control. Plus, it has lower volatility properties. Combined with proper management strategies, Engenia protects soybeans from weeds while providing a Group 4 mode of action to help manage resistance.

Watch spray-effects during a temperature-inversion event. (On video, not in your field.)

Temperature inversion is a natural phenomenon that occurs under a clear sky with no wind, when dew, frost or ground fog is present. Find out how far particles can travel when an application is made during a temperature-inversion event compared to the proper conditions.

Checklist: follow stewardship practices.

While the Group 4 active ingredient dicamba is an important tool for weed management, non-dicamba-tolerant crops are extremely sensitive to it. That’s why it’s not only important to follow product label recommendations and instructions for application, but also to follow the proper checklist to keep best practice specifications in mind.

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use nozzles that deliver extremely coarse to ultra-coarse droplets.

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Sensitive crop awareness

identify neighbouring crop species.

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Wind speed

spray when wind speeds are between 3 to 15 km/h.

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Application volume

use a minimum spray volume of 10 GPA.

ground speed icon

Ground speed

maintain sprayer speed under 25 km/h.

additives/adjuvants icon


only use as required or recommended on product label.

boom height icon

Boom height

keep spray boom height no higher than 50 cm above crop canopy.

sprayer cleanout icon

Sprayer cleanout

triple rinse, use a detergent-based cleaner.

Engenia Spray tool

The Spray Tool will help you plan your application with confidence. The tool will keep you up to date with live information of weather condition, precipitation probability, inversion potential level, wind speed and wind direction. To help you plan and steward your application, you'll be able to enter the location of your operation and filter the information by the hour.

*This tool is for planning purposes and does not replace checking weather in the field at the time of application prior to making a spray application decision.

Learn More

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Multiply success with multiple resources.

Find the resources you need to equip you to use Engenia herbicide as effectively as possible. With the proper knowledge to back up the tool, you can ensure your operation is safeguarded for success.

Top-notch weed control in dicamba-tolerant soybeans.

Maximize weed control in your dicamba-tolerant soybeans by utilizing best management practices for application.

An advanced dicamba formulation with lower-volatility properties.

With Engenia herbicide in your toolbox and the resources and training to go along with it, you can approach each growing season with confidence and a sound strategy.

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