With Optill you’ll experience rapid burndown, early season residual weed control and increased soybean yield potential to help you get the most out of every acre.

It gives crops a better start, and growers more satisfaction.

Growers are experiencing great results – and satisfaction – with Optill herbicide. Have a look at the Optill herbicide performance satisfaction survey to see how it rates with growers.

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How the benefits of Optill can work for you.

From burndown to weed control, learn how the benefits of Optill can help you get your soybean crops off to a great start and maximize yield potential in this informative video.

How it works

See the proven results of Optill.

Optill’s enhanced control leads to great crops and increased yield. Have a look at these in-field trials and see the results for yourself.


Effective weed management growers want to talk about.

According to growers, Optill does an exceptional job of knocking down tough weeds. Hear what growers are saying.

  • The Optill plot had a great burndown, especially on dandelion…very efficient, fast complete burndown compared to glyphosate check. Getting those hard to kill weeds early is quite important. With the great residual control I’m convinced it led to a 3 bushel per acre increase in yield. I’ would use it again – I recommend it.”

    Wayne Lothian
    Dalkeith Ontario

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