Integrity® delivers broad-spectrum weed control to give your corn and soybeans a weed-free start.

  • Providing early season control of key grass and broadleaf weeds.
  • Incorporating multiple modes of action to help control resistant biotypes.
  • Offering application flexibility (pre-emergence, pre-plant incorporated or pre-plant surface in corn, pre-emergence or pre-plant surface in soybeans).

How it works

  • Integrity uses two modes of action to deliver excellent broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control, along with the management of resistant weeds.
  • Integrity is powered by Kixor® , a new innovative class of chemistry
  • Unique compound mobility within the plant allows Integrity to control large, tough-to-kill broadleaf weeds

When to apply

Corn (field and sweet)

  • Pre-plant surface
  • Pre-plant incorporated
  • Pre-emergence


  • Pre-plant surface application
  • Pre-emergence

How much to apply

For corn

Use Rate Application Timing Remark
0.3 – 0.45 L/ac
(0.73 – 1.1 L/ha)
Pre-emergent The 0.3 L/ac use rate will only provide early season
control and should be used in a program where
an in-crop application of another registered
herbicide is planned.
0.45 L/ac
(1.1 L/ha)
Pre-plant incorporated Do not incorporate Integrity greater
than 3 cm deep.

For soybeans

Use Rate Application Timing Remark

0.15 L/ac

(0.37 L/ha)

Pre-plant surface application Do not use rates higher than 0.15 L/ac, and do not incorporate or apply after planting as crop injury may result.

INTEGRITY should be applied at a water volume of 40-80 L/ac (100 to 200 L/ha).  For corn, a nitrogen solution or complete liquid fertilizer carrier may be used as a replacement for water for both pre-plant incorporated or pre-emergent applications. DO NOT apply INTEGRITY in liquid fertilizer to soybeans.

Application tips

  • Flat fan or similar spray nozzles should be used for application
  • Water Volume should be between 40-80 L/ac (100 to 200 L/ha)
  • Denser weed infestation requires the use of higher water volumes
  • Recommended pressure is 275 kPa

Tank mixes

Tank mixes for corn

Water Volume should remain between 40-80 L/ac 100 to 200 L/ha.

Tank Mix Product Tank Mix Product
Use Rate (L/ac)
Use Rate (L/ac)
Application Timing
Aatrex Liquid 480 0.63 L/ac 0.45 L/ac Pre-emergent, Pre-plant incorporated

1.0 L/ac

(360 g/L equiv.)

0.45 L/ac Pre-plant surface application

Weeds controlled

For corn (field and sweet)

Integrity may be applied  for corn as a pre-plant surface1 , pre-plant incorporated or pre-emergent treatment at a rate of 0.45 L/ac for season long control of these weeds:

  • Barnyard grass
  • Common ragweed
  • Crabgrass (smooth, large)
  • Eastern black nightshade2
  • Fall panicum
  • Foxtail (green, yellow, giant)
  • Lamb's-quarters
  • Redroot pigweed
  • Nutsedge, yellow2
  • Old witchgrass
  • Velvetleaf
  • Wild buckwheat
  • Wild mustard

1Apply in tank mix with glyphosate.

2PPI application only

You can also apply Integrity for corn as a pre-emergent treatment at a reduced rate of 0.3 L/ac for early season control of the following weeds, when an in-crop application of another registered herbicide is planned.

  • Common ragweed
  • Crabgrass (smooth, large)
  • Fall panicum
  • Foxtail (green, yellow, giant)
  • Lamb’s-quarters
  • Redroot pigweed
  • Velvetleaf
  • Wild buckwheat
  • Wild mustard

For soybeans

For soybeans, Integrity at a rate of 0.15 L/ac is applied in a tank-mix combination with glyphosate and Merge adjuvant as a surface application prior to planting reduced or no-till soybeans for burndown control of the following emerged broadleaf weeds and early-season suppression of the following grass weeds.

Broadleaf weeds

  • Broadleaf plantain
  • Canada fleabane*
  • Common ragweed*
  • Giant ragweed*
  • Lady’s thumb
  • Lamb’s quarters
  • Perennial sow thistle3
  • Prickly lettuce4
  • Redroot pigweed
  • Wild mustard
  • Shepherd’s purse
  • Stinkweed
  • Wild buckwheat
  • Dandelion5

* Includes glyphosate-resistant biotypes


  • Barnyard grass6
  • Crabgrass (large)6
  • Foxtail (green, yellow)6

3top growth burndown control

4top growth only

5suppression only

6early season suppression only

Follow crops

Integrity offers great follow crop flexibility.

Integrity Rate Follow Crop
Integrity at 1.1 L/ha Anytime: corn (field and sweet)
100 days: cereals other than corn.
22 months: peppers, onions and sugar beets.
11 months: all other crops.
Integrity at 0.73 L/ha Anytime: corn (field and sweet)
100 days: cereals other than corn.
22 months: peppers and onions.
11 months: all other crops.
Integrity at 0.37 L/ha Anytime: corn (field and sweet)
100 days: cereals other than corn.
11 months: all other crops.

Product specifications

Size (units x size): 2 x 9 L / 450 L
Product Article #: 59012304 / 59012422
PCP #: 29371
Ontario Classification #: 3
Gross Weight of Package: 23.3 kg / 553.0 kg
Units/Pallet: 36 / 1
PTS - T/L (48 foot): 24 / 26
Warehouse Stack Height: 2 / 2
Heated Storage: No
Flash Point: 112.5 (°C)
NFC Class: N/A
TDG Information: Not Regulated

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