Reward Calculator

Better crops, better savings; it's that simple. The Rewards Calculator can be used with multiple offers including AgSolutions® Rewards, AgSolutions Elite Privileges, Grow for It Offer, Heat LQ + Fungicide Offer and the Soybean Offer. Just enter your planned acres for BASF products into the Calculator and see how your rewards can add up. Refer to the Summary section for a breakdown of your total rewards.

AgSolutions Rewards

To receive your rebate, purchase a minimum of $10,000 of BASF crop solution products. The purchase must consist of at least two Qualifying Products, each with a minimum of 320 acres.

Total Purchase Value of Rebate Qualifying Products Total Number of Rebate Qualifying Products
2 3 4 5+
$10,000 - $99,999 1% 2% 3% 4%
$100,000 - $249,999 2% 3% 4% 5%
$250,000+ 3% 4% 5% 6%

Seed Treatment Bonus Rebate

Purchase a minimum of 320 acres of Insure Cereal and/or 320 acres of Insure Pulse (based on 160 ac/case) to save $1 per acre.

Terms and Conditions

Heat LQ + Fungicide Bonus

Offer Requirement: Purchase a minimum of 320 acres of Heat LQ herbicide matched with the qualifying BASF fungicides.

Offer Rebate: Receive a $1.00/matched acres of Heat LQ and qualifying fungicide.

Qualifying Fungicides: Caramba, Cotegra, Dyax, Priaxor, Lance, Lance AG, Nexicor , Twinline

Terms and Conditions

Soybean Offer

Purchase a minimum of 40 matched acres of Viper ADV herbicide and on-seed and/or in-furrow inoculant(s).

Offer Rebate:

  • $2.00/matched acre of Viper ADV and on-seed OR in-furrow inoculant(s)

  • $3.00/matched acre of Viper ADV and on-seed AND in-furrow inoculant(s)

Qualifying Products:

Herbicides: Viper ADV

On-seed inoculants: Nodulator PRO, Nodulator N/T liquid, Nodulator N/T self-adhering peat

In-furrow inoculants: Nodulator LQ, Nodulator Granular, Nodulator Solid Core Granular

Insure Pulse Bonus Offer

Offer Requirements: Purchase a minimum of 40 acres of Insure Pulse fungicide seed treatment

Offer Rebate: Additional $1.00/matched acre of Insure Pulse and Viper ADV and on-seed and/or in-furrow inoculant(s)

Terms and Conditions

AgSolutions Elite Privileges

Receive a 1% rebate on all AgSolutions Rebate Qualifying Products based on your BASF purchases for the 2018 crop season.

Offer Requirement:

Purchase $150,000 or more of Rebate Qualifying Products in the 2018 crop season including at least 5 Brand Qualifying Products (minimum 320 acres per product).

Terms and Conditions

Grow for It Offer

Offer Requirement: Purchase a minimum of 320 acres of qualifying products from the following two segments:

1. Sclerotinia Management: Cotegra and/or Lance
2. Fusarium Head Blight Management: Caramba

Or qualify with a minimum of 640 acres purchased of either sclerotinia management or Fusarium Head Blight management solutions.

Offer Rebate: Receive a 10% rebate on all qualifying products.

Terms and Conditions